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Courses on this page:    21th. International Disability and Rehabilitation Seminar

Course Title 21th. International Disability and Rehabilitation Seminar
Institution Dar es Salaam: Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation Tanzania
Country Tanzania
Type Certificate / Short Course (up to 3 months)
Topics Management: Health Services Management
Healthcare areas: Disability and Rehabilitation
Health Determinants: Poverty
Language English
Location Dar es Salaam / Moshi
In this Seminar, we wish to tackle the relevant issues and dilemma's on Disability and Rehabilitation, as they are posed by the new situation in Africa where an increased poverty, overpopulation, impoverishing middle class, worsening health services, and HIV/AIDS are changing the situation dramatically, in particular of the poorest people to which category most disabled people - our target group- are belonging.

The overall objective of these sessions is that participants would have a well balanced personal opinion about the major issues of disability and rehabilitation (including medical). The seminar provides the needed ingredients and discussions for that, and also an update on those issues that are changing the lives of our target groups, and as a consequence also should have an impact on how we plan, implement and manage programs.
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April 11th - April 15th or 22nd, 2005

Participants can attend Week 1 only, or week 1 + 2.
It is not possible only to attend Week 2

Duration 1 week / 2 weeks
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